We are a family of colleagues and friends. We devote ourselves daily to activities in nature. Our everyday life is dedicated to understanding, exploring and preserving the natural environment.

When you accept the fact that humans are sparkling, curious and active creatures, life becomes easier. The latter dawned upon us way back – in 1988! – when we started exploring the environment and experiencing nature. Then it took us a whole decade to find the courage and in 1998 we started operating in the outdoor industry. 

We started sharing our personal experiences with others and worked on our mission to show the wealth of nature and to experience everything that is offered to us. We were always looking for inspiration “out there!” Sometimes we walked on the edge to learn more. In the meantime, we created families and realised that children are our greatest happiness. We know that life is precious, so we try to live it in the best way we can. “Life is everything, so scoop it up with a large spoon!”


Chosen items

We select only the best products, which we offer to you for various activities in nature. We know every product well and we use them regularly in everyday life, on outdoor experiences, camping, on trips and sports ventures.


100% assurance

We strive to provide quality products that are appropriate and the best choice for a chosen activity. We give our word that we use and know all of them. With our promise, we stand firmly on the ground and provide you with only the best.


Personal treatment

We do our best to offer great personal support in making a purchase decision. We are not a large store, but we are driven by a great passion for satisfaction and above all, we are eternal enthusiasts.


The Outbase lifestyle store offers a leap to experiences in nature. We are here to create real moments and offer items that will remind you of them for some time. We have been sharing our passion for new experiences since 1998.

We offer a wide selection of carefully picked products for leisure and outdoor activities. We choose only the best and tested items for you, which we personally guarantee are suitable for the purpose they serve. Our lifestyle is spending time in nature, which is the best way of getting to know the products.

Each of our activities, be it active travel, camping, climbing, cycling, yoga, ski touring or mountaineering high in the mountains, is conditioned by the use of good quality, durable and useful products.

We are passionate nature lovers and we go exploring this endless beauty properly prepared and equipped. We use the latest products in various situations on various terrains. Sometimes we walk the edge to feel the true value of a product. We are not a classic store, but we know the products of well-known brands very well, we actively use them ourselves, offer them to customers and give personal advice when buying. We are pleased that we are able to offer to you a selection of great quality products.

Company Lajf

What makes us happy, what fills our cup, what are we committed to…? Above all, exploring nature and experiencing everything around us. We offer all of this to customers, both on the market of Europe and the Balkans, as well as at home in Slovenia.

Company Lajf d.o.o. has been operating on the market since 1998. We offer customers various solutions in we connect: experiences, research, activities in nature, knowledge, development and responsibility. In our company, we pay great attention to the development, products, project implementation and social responsibility.

We are one of the major providers of activities in the natural environment; we are an organizer of sports events; we are among the major organizers of business events and have license for a DMC company; we develop products for use in nature and run several online stores.

Company employees and contractual partners are big fans of outdoor activities. We are cyclists, touring skiers, climbers, alpinists, hikers, cavers, climbers, travelers, explorers, campers, enjoyers of small moments… and we are passionate lovers of a full life.

Company Lajf d.o.o. manages the following brands: Outbase; LIFE Adventures; LIFE Events; LIFE Bike; Human Fish Gravel; Triglav Trail Run; Bled Bike Festival and More Adventure, More You!