Versatile Peshtemals

My first peshtemal… 

I bought my first peshtemal years ago and since then it has been my faithful companion on all my journeys. It amazes me again and again with its divine texture, softness, patterns and colors. Holding the tassels and looking at them is a real balm for ones soul. Its versatility in use is incredible. It saved me in countless situations and served me as a cape, a shade, a towel, a scarf,… Over the years of use, it acquired a patina that is unmatched and that makes it even more mine, more personal.



Peshtemals are Turkish towels, otherwise known as hammam towels. In contrast to classic towels, which are made in factories, peshtemals are woven in small ateliers. Master weavers pass down their skills from generation to generation and weaving is the main source of income in those areas.


What makes peshtemals so special?

They are multifunctional. They can be used as sarongs, as scarves or shawls, capes, towels… | Due to the variety of colors, patterns, natural material and textures, they are pleasant on the eye and pleasant to the touch. | They are thinner than normal towels. | They dry quickly, which makes them more environmentally friendly. | They take up less space, making them ideal for travel. | With washing and use, they become even softer.



These peshtemals have been produced since 2010, both for home sale in Turkey as well as for other recognized brands around the world. Patterns are designed by local craftsmen. The story began with two own looms, and today they have already been joined by many very skilled families.


The product is versatile and can be used as a sarong, headscarf, scarf, cape, summer scarf, towel, picnic mat, sunshade, tula, tablecloth, bedspread, … Only your imagination is the limit.

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