The one and only Triglav

This is a story about people and their attachment to Mt Triglav. About creative people who live and work in the surroundings of this great mountain. It is also a story about the special energy that this mighty mountain radiates, along with the beauty of the Triglav National Park.

Triglav is an artistically quite simple mountain. It has three prominent peaks, the central one being the highest and rising above all the other peaks of the Julian Alps. When you stand proudly on the top of Triglav, your gaze stops somewhere far away in the distance. Many people sing a folk song at that moment: “Oh, Triglav my home…”

Triglav products convey simplicity, aesthetics and an appropriate attitude towards nature. The products dictate an active way of experiencing everyday life, with some always-necessary comfort and wide usability. Triglav products are the concept of well-being, they give impetus to self-exploration and the creation of priceless experiences. Triglav products are primarily intended to make people happy.


Organic Cottona and Certificates

Triglav products are made exclusively from organic cotton and recycled materials. The entire production process is controlled, traceable and certified. Prints on products (design) are made by transferring color through a screen onto the product (screen printing). Products bearing the Salvage symbol are made from 100% recycled materials. Triglav products carry the “Fair Trade” – “Fair Share” label. Most products have the “PETA – Approved Vegan” certificate. Wooden and stone products are made from local materials.


Development of Products

We set ourselves a “calm” development of Triglav products. We draw ideas primarily from the environment, active everyday life and human needs. We set a universal goal; full consideration of the environment, choosing or creating products exclusively from natural materials and recycled materials… It is important that we know the traceability of the products (path of creation) which are in part made abroad and for those who are made exclusively in Slovenia, that they are the fruit of local knowledge, design and development.


100% Design

The Triglav sign was designed by architect and designer Tina Verk. The final image of the sign is the result of living next to this mighty mountain and many views of its silhouette. “Designing a motif that has been seen so many times and is omnipresent in the national consciousness was a great challenge. I strove to make the shape as refined and simple as possible, but at the same time playful, memorable and original.”

Triglav quality

The items are made from 100% recycled cotton and recycled materials. The production is traceable and part of fair trade. The products are designed with modern shapes and carry a sincere message that calls for a comfortable everyday life.

The products are made exclusively from organic cotton, and the entire production process is controlled and certified according to the latest version of GOTS. All products are labeled as organic cotton, with some exceptions which also include recycled polyester. Prints on products (design) are made by transferring colors through a sieve (screen printing).

All products carry the label “Fair Trade” and “Fair Share” and have a small intermediate commission of money between the buyer and the worker. Payment for work goes directly to workers in the small and local textile industry. Every Triglav product is traceable and has a certificate.

Most Triglav products have the “Peta-Approved Vegan” certificate, which guarantees that no animals were used in the production of the product or in the production of the ingredients for the product.

The items are designed in modern cuts and in colors that are relevant to the time in which we live. This way, a person feels comfortable, relaxed and satisfied. With a product that bears the Triglav symbol, the customer communicates, among other things, that he/she is special and unique. Triglav is one and only, and we have to take care of the it in the best possible way.

Triglav paper and printed products are made from recycled materials. Every piece of product that uses paper or cardboard is made in Slovenia and done by hand. Wooden and stone products are handmade and made from domestic raw materials (our Slovenian wood, our stone from the area).

The concept of the Triglav collection is; to consider natural materials; to have the least possible impact on the natural environment; to consider aesthetics and simplicity; that each product is durable; to produce as little waste and carbon footprint as possible and to be responsible towards society and our fellow man.

Selection of Items

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